Bio Keratin Gold Permanent Brazilian Blowout Set

Bio Keratin Gold Permanent Brazilian Blowout Set (3in1) (3 x 700ml) NEW POPULAR

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Bio Keratin Gold Brazilian Blowout Set (3in1)
Shampoo 700ml + Hair Conditioner 700ml + Keratin 700ml

Hair is easily worn out due to processes such as dye and highlighting, conditions due to keratin deficiency, climate and natural conditions, and it starts to look puffy and neglected. Over time, the hair that becomes dull and neglected becomes difficult to care for and becomes unbearable. At this point, the Brazilian blow-dry method, which is a reliable hair straightening method, comes to your home with Bio Keratin Gold.
It Is Your Turn To Take Advantage Of The Advantages Of The Brazilian Blow Dryer
Women who have become a part of business life, you no longer have to constantly blow dry to straighten hair that is fluffy and not easy to shape. It is possible with Bio Keratin Gold to save both time and money. With this process that you can easily apply in home environment, your health will have a healthy flattening.

Permanent and Healthy Straightening is Now Possible with Brazilian Blow Dry

It is possible to get a permanent and healthy result in this straightening method, where the method of application is important. Brazilian blow dry without any damage to hair, easy and healthy using keratin

How will the flattening obtained by applying the Brazilian Blow Dry last longer?

Bio Keratin Gold, which offers an average of 5 months of permanence depending on the amount of hair growth, provides longer lasting straightening in case of using Sodium and SLS-free formula shampoos with a volume of 700ml. It is useful to remind some points that we will have healthy hair if we pay attention to our normal life:

Not using hot water
Staying away from pools cleaned with chemicals
Using sodium and SLS-free shampoo
Avoiding the use of chemicals for hair care
Maintenance at regular intervals.

1- The hair to be treated is first washed with shampoo before bio-treatment.
2- Washed hair is not creamed and dried so that no moisture remains.
3- The product is applied to the dried hair like paint. 1.5 cm above the bottom
4- After the keratin application on the hair, the waiting time of 15 minutes is started.
5. After 15 minutes of waiting time, the hair is dried and carefully blow-dried for 1 layer.
6- While being blow-dried, the hair is straightened with a press at the highest temperature that the hair can handle. (Eg: thick curly hair 230c for thin stranded hair 160 c.)
7- The treated hair is washed and dried.
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