Bayer Priorin Intense 180 Capsule Hair Loss Genuine (NEW FROM OUR PHARMACY)

Bayer Priorin Intense 180 Capsule Hair Loss Genuine (NEW FROM OUR PHARMACY)

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A sufficient level of supplements to the hair roots is important for healthy and strong hair. PRIORIN maintains the hair roots with essential micro-nutrients – from the inside. PRIORIN works on the basis of natural ingredients of millet in combination with the essential vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), biotin, and the amino acid L-cysteine.

What is Priorin

Priorin is a hair growth supplement rich in natural and nutritious substances. These nutrients have been proven to be extremely effective in hair regrowth. Priorin was first developed in 1959 by Dr Kurt Boesch, a Swiss national. It has since been adapted and is currently revolutionizing the hair loss industry. In fact, Prioin is the leading hair loss drug in many European countries, together with the middle eastern states of UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, and Kuwait.

How does Priorin Works

The ingredients that make up Priorin are quite diverse, with such natural substances like: an infusion of birdseed in water (millet), unsaturated lipids, and Vitamins B1 and B12 in very small quantities, all fighting against the impairments which can form in the hair. Additionally, Priorin contains something called L-Cystine – an amino acid, which is recognized as one of the chief structuring elements of the crucial keratin protein, built into the hair follicle. Two other components of Priorin are wheat germ oil and millet. What germ oil is a fatty polyunsaturated acid that assists in cell growth. This oil travels to the root of the hair to reconstruct dead or damaged cells of the hair root. Millet is whole grain that contains nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Folate

The innovative combination of active ingredients in PRIORIN delivers targeted support to the hair roots, resulting in improved hair structure, delayed ageing and enhanced hair growth.

• Provides hair root with nutrients that contribute to a better hair growth and prevents hair depleted.

• Strengthens the hair root

• Promotes hair growth

• Supports the hair structure


• Dietary supplement of androgenetic alopecia (hormonal genetically determined) hair growth disorders in men and women

• Hair loss of women (especially during and after the menopause)


wheat-germ oil, gelatine (beef), aqueous extract of millet, oilier aqueous extract of millet, glycerin, beeswax, sorbitol, emulsifier soy lecithin, Calcium pantothenate (Vit-B5), magnesium oxide, ferric oxide, ferric hydroxide, titan dioxide, L-cysteine, aromas.


Priorin capsules need to be taken for at least three months – that’s when the first visible results start to appear, because the hair grows just .4 inch a month.

Hairloss: In the first 3 month, 3 capsules should be taken every day (2 at breakfast and 1 in the evening) unchewed with enough liquid. For a sustainable treatment, 1 capsule will be adequate.


Lighter hair growth disorders: Take 1 capsule daily unchewed with enough liquid.
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