3 x Botanica Comfort Keratin Oil for Severely Damaged Hair

3 x Botanica Comfort Keratin Oil for Severely Damaged Hair

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3 Pack / Lot Botanica Comfort Keratin Oil for Severely Damaged Hair, 3.4fl oz – 100ml (NEW)

Totally : 3 x 100ml = 300ml (3 x 3.4oz = 10.2oz)




If you regularly get keratin treatments, you are familiar with how this treatment with keratin oil works to change the structure of your hair. It helps repair damage from the inside out. It creates frizz-free, strong locks that can stand up to heat styling and future hair treatments. On average, these treatments can cost around $300 depending on your hair type and length. However, many people are nervous about these treatments since they do use chemicals, like formaldehyde, to alter the structure of the hair.

One way to get similar, albeit less permanent, results is to use keratin oil. This hair product can work its magic to smooth out your strands. It treats dry and damaged hair and works to make the structure of your hair more durable, shinier and stronger.

1. It repairs the structure of your hair.
Keratin oil can benefit the hair by repairing any damage that’s been done to your hair through heat styling, chemical processes, or just general wear and tear. It works to provide moisture for dry hair and strands that are brittle and chemically-treated.

2. It makes your hair stronger.
As keratin oil treats your hair from the inside out, it makes your hair stronger and richer. The protein bonds work their magic to fight against future breakage, too.

3. It helps the overall look of your hair.
Keratin oil can make hair shiny, soft and straight. Over time, you’ll begin to see the benefits of keratin oil as it works its long-term magic.

4. It helps repair heat damage.
We are all for using hot tools to achieve your favorite styles, but it’s important to remember that they can do some real damage to your hair. Keratin oil can help protect your strands as it coats and seals each strand of hair. Use a small amount prior to any heat styling to help you protect your strands against all that damage.

5. It aids in getting rid of frizz.
When battling frizz, one easy way to get the upper hand is to use a keratin oil to treat and calm the frizz. Be sure to use a small amount to avoid weighing your hair down.


Our extra powerful blend with keratin oil helps to revive, smooth, and restore luster to damaged,dry and coarse hair.


Apply evenly on the washed and dehumidified hair by spreading hazelnut-sized keratin in the palm of your hand. Do not apply to the scalp. You can easily give your hair the form you want. Do not rinse the hair after use.


In case of contact with ayes, rinse with plenty of water.

Not a drug.

Keep out of reach of children.

Protect from heat and light.



All products are from our pharmacy new and authentic comes with barcode / serial numbers


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