3 Pack MINOXIL Hair Loss Regrowth Spray Hair Loss Men %5 FDA Approved 2 Oz. Exp 2022

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Minoxil Forte Hair Spray For Anti Hair Loss

Product Name: Minoxil 5% Forte Hair Scalp Spray (FDA Approved)

Product Brand: Minoxil

Product Size: 60 ml

EXP DATE : 2022

About the Product: Especially in men, hair loss due to genetic effects and stress stops with Minoxil 5% Forte Hair Spray. The product produced in the USA is sold only in authorized pharmacies. It shows its maximum effect in 12 months if the usage is followed. The product, in which women can use red packaging and men can use blue packaging, consists of the active ingredient minoxidil.

Minoxil 5% Forte Hair Scalp Spray

The product, which prevents hair loss and supports hair regrowth, helps to re-grow the weakened hair follicles. Thus, the hair cycle reaches its former speed. Minoxil 5% Forte Hair Scalp Spray, one bottle of which is suitable for 30 days of use, can be used in anyone over the age of 18.

Usage: Scalp.

Usage: Before use, shake the can and spray 5 times on different parts of the scalp. Massage your scalp all over the scalp.

Amount and Time of Use: Spray the product 5 times in the morning and evening on dry or wet hair. You can see the effect between 3-6 months. 12 months of use is recommended for maximum effect.

Product Content: 5% active minoxil substance, propylene glycol, alcohol.


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