3 LOT Erkexin Turkish Macun with Epimedium Honey (Aphrodisiac)


3 LOT Erkexin Turkish Macun with Epimedium Honey (Aphrodisiac)

3 x 240 gr = 720gr Totally !!!

Erkexin Epimedium Paste is prepared with 240 Gr Natural Content and Specially Selected Plant Extracts.

Our product Erkexin Epimedium Macun 240 Gr is the Most Preferred Male Special Product Brand of recent times.

Erkexin Epimedium Paste 240 Gr Content;

* Flower Honey * Mulberry Molasses * Carob Molasses * Galangal * Ginseng Extract * Royal Jelly Extract * Ginkgo Biloba Extract * Cinnamon * Pegs * Ginger * Pollen * Nettle Seed * Flint Root * Black Cumin * Goat Horn * Henna Henna * Kebab * Flax Seed * Turmeric * Darulfulful * Fennel * Thyme * Mint

Erkexin Epimediumlu Macun has been produced with ISO 9001 – Iso 22000 – Halal – Gmp – Certificates with high quality. You can use it safely.

 You will love on these products because they work perfectly after your first order.

Turkey approved by Ministry of of Agriculture and Rural Affairs;Paste aka horny goat grass is 100% natural aphrodisiac male enhancer (also suitable for women).A herbal “aphrodisiac” that stimulates erectile function in men and increases blood flow to women’s vaginal tissues.The main component of the product is epimedium, a plant called “Yin Yang Huo”, meaning “plant balancing yin and yang”.Phlegmatic British says, for obvious reasons, “horny goat grass”.This natural aphrodisiac grass also grows in many parts of Asia and Europe.The effect was discovered when people realized The that eating animals changed their sexual behavior.Epimedium aka horny goat grass, note only as a natural aphrodisiac, In men, except erectile dysfunction (male impotence), it is applied to increase sperm and sexual satisfaction, while women are usually struggling with fatigue and hypertension after menopause.

Research in the West shows that the active ingredient horny goat of grass is icariin “.In 2008, the monthly edition of American Chemical Association published the results of a study are conducted by Mario Dell ‘Agli, a professor at the University of Milan.This presented impressive results against erectile dysfunction (male impotence). Icariin, the active ingredient of horny goat weed, improves erectile ability by binding the enzyme shgb, which blocks blood flow in the genitals and the biological activity of testosterone.It strengthens weakened organisms and increases the number of sperm in men and sexual satisfaction in women. It combines the miraculous gifts of natural products such as epimedium paste, royal jelly, pollen, ginger, ginseng, maca, cinnamon and vanilla.It has a bitter sweet taste and really turns gender into a taste.Suitable for everyone! Horny goat grass is formulated to make every man more active and colorful.It is also a reliable herbal supplement that can be used safely in problems of pre-term babies, ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (male impotence).All the horny goat weed herbal extract contains herbal extracts with quality analysis certificate.

Maximizes your sexual performance by increasing your sexual desire.
It allows you to experience a feeling of orgasm more effectively.
Provides multiple readiness for sexual intercourse.
Reduces the risk of pre-term babies, ejaculation.
Epimedium paste increases working in the circulation of blood vessels of the penis and provides a harder and longer lasting erection.
Increases the excitement and activity in sexual intercourse. Sedative after intercourse reduces breathing which increases after intercourse.
Reduces blood pressure and blood sugar.
Reduces beta-lipoprotein and cholesterol.
Prevents inflammation and strengthens the immune system. The effects of epimedium paste on men It gives a very strong erection power of manhood.
Increases the number of sperm. It has a delay effect.
Increases sexual power. Extends the erection time. Increases the number of sexual intercourse.
Provides the effect of fertilization.
Effects of horny goat grass paste on women Epimedium paste takes effect within 45 minutes, vagina Believe narrowing and sensation for the sensation of G-points in the vagina can feel. Provides more relaxation and pleasure. Sexual instincts your desire.
Reduces fear and anxiety.
Reduces excess mucus.
Increases libido in women.
Increases estrogen secretion.
Solves the problem of vaginal drying.
Increases sexual pleasure.
Increases vaginal secretion.
Resets the wetness.

How to Use :

It is recommended to be used according to the general health situation. It should be known that this product is a general tonic but it is also a strong aphrodisiac, so you can find your best dosage.
For general use: 1 tea spoon daily.
For special use: 1 dessert spoon 2 hours before having sex.
It is recommended to be taken before meals so do not take it over a full stomach.
It is recommended to mix the paste well before taking.
If you feel a headache, minimize the dosage.


Warning :

This prodcut is a natural supplement. It is not a medicine.
If you have any speical health conditions do not use this product before asking you Doctor.
Not used by pregnants and breast feeding women.

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PLS NOTE THAT  ; Its NOT medicine or Drug , its natural paste…..


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